Days End
Donn DeVita

Days End

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Not too long ago on the north shore of Cape Cod, one could watch in the early morning, fisherman rowing steadily toward their secret fishing holes outside of Sesuit Harbor. They would fish all day and return on the tide, hopefully with a bountiful catch. The oars have since been replaced with outboard motors and the fishing goes on as usual. In Sesuit Harbor one foggy afternoon, I could hear only the slap of a pair of oars on a still sea. The steady slap became louder and closer. Suddenly, through the fog-laden waters emerged an isolated fisherman methodically rowing toward home. His oneness in the vast sea of fog was punctuated by his orange life vest and yellow hat, a startling focal point in the midst of the boundless expanse of soft grey. It is this special moment I have tried to capture. 

Picture size 17 3/4" x 8 5/8"

Signed and numbered limited edition lithograph printed on acid-free stock.

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